About Us

About Our Clinic

We formally opened our clinic doors to the public in 2003. Since then our clinic has been serving the city of Moreno Valley in providing Urgent Care Medicine and general care to the community, and we are growing fast and we are proud announce the arrival of our newest clinic at University Ave. and Chicago Ave. in Riverside, CA near the UCR Campus! Our services are easily accessible by everyone. You don't need to have insurance to see us. We are not a government agency. We are a private entity; because of this, we provide medical care to you the way it should be. One on one,respect, caring on a personal name-basis and all within the standards of medical care!

The best care and appropriate medicine is practiced here!

Our doctors and providers have a wide variety of experiences and expertise and are very knowledgeable in all aspect of medicine. Our patients are treated with respect and compassion. We believe in the Golden Rule! We are improving our website to display all of our services, and what is happening with our clinic.