Our Services

We are a private local medical entity. We do not belong to any national chain or government agency. Because of this, we have a devoted interest to our community and its businesses.Therefore, we provide straight-forward medicine. We do not “cut corners”!.

Our doctors and staff work and live in Moreno Valley! We pay our taxes to our Moreno Valley Community! We do not have “doc-in-the-box ” at our clinic. We have interest in the patient and our business community. Our Doctors have over 25 years experience in treating injured workers and are well knowledgeable in all areas of Industrial Medicine!

We do not have to meet any corporate financial quotas or profit margin. We do not make false and balloon marketing promises. We deliver only what is needed in the interest of welfare of the patient. We strive to work together with our local business for the growth of our Moreno Valley!

Urgent Care

Our Urgent care is committed to provide to our patients, providers and the community with up-to-date medical services to those who need it in an affordable and convenient environment and in a timely manner.

What is an Urgent Care problem?

  • Non-life threatening injuries and illnesses in adults and children
  • Reliable, cost-effective alternatives to the emergency room
  • Same-day care when your visiting from out of town, or a local resident

Who can come to our to Urgent Care?

  • Those who need to be seen urgently by a physician but can’t get to their family physician.
  • Those who can’t see their family physician due to heavy scheduling, after hours, or holidays.
  • Those who don’t want to be at the end of the waiting list in the emergency room
  • Those who don’t have an assigned physician. Come on in and we will take care of your problem.


  • Colds, Coughs, Wheezing, Flu, Sinus, Infections, Sore-Throats, Ear-aches, Headaches, Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Rash, Asthma, and many more…
  • Poison Ivy, Blood Pressure, Heart and Lung Problems, Stomach Pain…
  • Difficult and/or Painful Urination, Vomiting, Diarrhea…
  • Minor Eye Infections or Irritation, Routine Ob/Gyn Problems, Dressing Changes…
  • Minor Pediatric Illnesses, IV Therapy, Ingrown Toenails, abscesses, Hemorroids…
  • Gout, Marriage License Blood Tests, STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases),and many more…


  • Fractures and Dislocations, Sprains, Strains, Muscle Aches and Pain.
  • Minor Auto Accident Injuries, Cuts and Lacerations, Scrapes and Minor Wounds
  • Burns, Nose Bleeds, Minor Eye, Nose Problems,
  • Foreign Body removals, skin, nose, ears, eyes, cornea, and yes, we do have a Slit Lamp!

Diagnostic Test

  • Lab Work, Pregnancy screening, and more….
  • HIV & STDs(Sexually Transmitted Diseases) Testing, X-Rays, EKG
  • Drugs collection center and e-screening, NIDDA

Other Services We Offer

    • Traveler’s Vaccine, Flu Shot, Hepatitis B, Tetanus, PPD, Routine Children Shots
    • School Sports, Work, Health, pre-school, SCUBA, DOT, DMV, Immigration, Military, Employment
    • Worker’s Compensations Injuries, Work Restrictions, Return To Work Evaluations, Follow-Up Care